jueves, tres de noviembre de dos mil veintidós

Cómo preguntar… Quién/ quiénes (who) to ask about a person’s identity ¿Quién es ese hombre? Who’s that man? Qué (what) i. to ask about things in general,ii. to choose from a group (we specify what we are talking about) i. ¿Qué haces? What are you doing?ii. ¿Qué lápiz quieres? What pencil do you want? Dónde (where) to ask about places ¿Dónde vives¿ Cuándo (when) to … Continúa leyendo jueves, tres de noviembre de dos mil veintidós

Preposiciones práctica

A, de y en? Completa con una de las preposiciones. ¿Qué preposición? Marca la preposición correcta. ¿A o en? Completa. ¿Cuál es la correcta? Marca la preposición correcta. ¿Cuál es la correcta preposición? Completa los huecos con Por y Para. Tienes que escribirías correctamente para qué sean validas. 1. Está estudiando ? ser médico. para/por 2. Se enfadaron ? un malentendido para/por 3. ? el … Continúa leyendo Preposiciones práctica

escribiendo las fechas en español

writing dates in spanish Mark on your calendar that today’s the day you’ll learn how to write las fechas! You may want to write an email, book your next holiday to a Spanish-speaking destination, or schedule an event. Learn how to write dates in Spanish so you can enjoy planning holidays, events, and days out, while also making sure that you’ll be there at the … Continúa leyendo escribiendo las fechas en español

Aprende a leer las noticias

Reading the News Do you often struggle to find interesting and appropriate Spanish reading materials at your level? Good news! Las noticias can help you develop a daily learning habit since “the news” happens every day.  Reading the news is a great way to build useful vocabulary. Unlike literature, the vocabulary used in news is formulaic, making it ideal for those new to learning Spanish. You are … Continúa leyendo Aprende a leer las noticias

Describir sustantivos

describe nouns A noun is a word that describes a person, place, thing or idea. Sr. Green (person) Español (place) La silla (thing) El amor (idea) What Is a Noun? Qué es un sustantivo Nouns are one of the eight types of speech in language. They describe: people – words used to name a person (teacher, mother, friend) includes people’s names (Brian, Mr. Davidson, Liliana) places – … Continúa leyendo Describir sustantivos

Adquisición del lenguaje

Different schools divide language acquisition into fewer or more stages, but the process always starts at the pre-talking phase, when we simply absorb and begin to understand. Then our vocabulary increases, and our sentences become more complex. Finally, we become fluent users of our native tongue.  Language acquisition This is called first language acquisition.  In this post, I am talking about second language acquisition and … Continúa leyendo Adquisición del lenguaje

Sustantivos en español

Spanish nouns Spanish Nouns are Gendered English is gender-neutral, Spanish is not. This means that nouns in Spanish language are accompanied by their very own feminine or masculine article, as in la mesa (the table) and el hombro (the shoulder). If you underestimate the importance of gender, then you may find yourself telling your friend that you have an infectious disease (el cólera) instead of explaining that you feel angry (la cólera). … Continúa leyendo Sustantivos en español

Describir palabras

Describing words What are describing words, let alone Spanish describing words? Let’s take a look first at how we use describing words in English: Did you see the amazing sunset yesterday?  This house is so cozy.  My friend is hilarious.  That book was insightful. Being able to describe things, concepts, people, and situations is key to communicating in any language. These “describing words” are called adjectives and they are the … Continúa leyendo Describir palabras

Escribiendo prácticas en español

Spanish writing practices Grab your pen and paper—it’s time to jump start your Spanish writing practice! These creative exercises will help you master writing in your second language.  Diario todos los días Journals are perfect for Spanish sentence writing practice! Pick up a new notebook or grab your laptop to start. Label each entry at the top to practice writing dates in Spanish. Visite la … Continúa leyendo Escribiendo prácticas en español

Vocabulario de transición

Transitional vocabulary You use transition words regularly in your everyday speech and writing, whether you recognize it or not!  In every language, transition words are beautiful tools that help us to connect our ideas and give a natural flow to the rhythm of our speech—and they’re vital to learn to improve your Spanish fluency.  Keep reading to learn all there is to know about transition … Continúa leyendo Vocabulario de transición